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Aug 9, 2022
Zazuu Update — New Corridors, Smart Send, Promo Codes and Updated KYC Flow

As part of our commitment to providing the best remittance experience for Africans in the diaspora, we are constantly improving and expanding our service.

In line with that, we’ve made certain improvements to the Zazuu app to help you search, compare and pay better.

New Corridors

Connecting Africans across the world financially is still at the heart of our service, so, we’re pleased to announce that starting today, you can now Pay with Zazuu from the UK to residents in the following African countries:

  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Rwanda
  • Uganda
  • Cameroon

You can keep track of countries where Pay with Zazuu is available (and the services there) on this page

Smart Send

For many Zazuu users, Zazuu’s provider recommendation is the go-to provider when sending money. If you fall into this class, then you might not want to search multiple providers before performing a transaction. To make transactions smoother for people like you, we’ve made it easier for you to send money once you enter the app.

On future sign-ins on the updated Zazuu app, you will see the option to Send with Zazuu’s choice which takes you straight to the transaction dashboard where you can send with the recommended provider.

How to use Zazuu smart send
How to use Zazuu’s smart send feature

If you decide later during the process to go back and compare, you can always do that by checking other providers.

Updated KYC flow

KYC is an important part of our compliance and anti-money laundering setup at Zazuu. As such, we typically restrict certain critical services like Pay with Zazuu until users can fulfill the KYC criteria.

However, following conversations with our users, we discovered that many people struggled with completing their KYC because it required them to take live pictures of their credentials which they may not always have handy.

Going forward, we’ve made changes to the KYC process to allow users to complete their KYC by uploading pictures from their gallery.

With the new flow, you no longer have to put off completing your KYC. Get started now.

Promo Codes

We’re launching promo codes to reward our most loyal users for choosing us. Using promo codes, you can knock off fees on transfers and maximise the value you send to your loved ones.

New users can use the NOFEE to get a free transfer on their first transaction.

Keep an eye out for promo codes that we will be sharing in future communications across our newsletters, social media, blogs, etc.

New Wallet look

We’ve improved the wallet look to allow users to have a better view of their wallet’s details. Now you can view your wallet balance, recent searches, and search results at a glance. You can also send money straight from your wallet using Smart Send.

Before and After of Zazuu's wallet look
Before and After of Zazuu’s wallet look


You can find the updated Zazuu iOS application here and the android app here. The Android application will be available for download in a few days.

Make sure to send us feedback on the latest update when you get it—the things you like and those you think we can do better. If you have any feedback or questions, reach out to us via any of the following channels:


Phone: +44 20 8144 2077

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