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Mar 17, 2022
Zazuu partners with non-profit, Kwanda, to bring the message of hope to more people

Thursday 17th of March, 2022 — Zazuu is proud to announce its brand partnership with UK-based non-profit, Kwanda. The partnership will see Zazuu spread awareness about Kwanda’s work to provide a better life for people across the world.

Charities around the world receive more than $400 billion yearly in donations. However, the sector is plagued by a lack of transparency. A 2015 report from the Charity Awareness Monitor showed that 47% of people believe that charities are not transparent. Kwanda is changing the narrative by putting transparency front-and-center of its model. The organisation uses a community model to ensure that donors have a say in how their donations are used, allowing them to suggest and vote on what projects should receive funding.

Speaking on the partnership, Kayode Akinwunmi, Cofounder and CEO of Zazuu, said “We’re thrilled to announce this partnership because we’re excited about the work Kwanda is doing. Kwanda’s model of operation is one that resonates with us. Kwanda is doing for charities, what we’re doing for the cross-border payments industry. We also know how lack of transparency can affect people, so we are happy to be supporting them. They put the power of donations in the hands of the donors. That is the power of choice, and it is something we champion here at Zazuu. Through this partnership, we hope to draw more attention to the work the good people at Kwanda are doing, and help them achieve their goal of bettering more lives around the world.”

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Jermaine Craig, the founder of Kwanda, also had this to say about the partnership, “At Kwanda, we’re big on encouraging collective action, community action towards a greater good. Individualism isn’t sustainable. It takes a village, and we’re happy to have partnered with Zazuu. There’s a great joy in achieving something together and we think there’s a lot we can do together.”  

Interested readers can join Kwanda’s community dubbed “The Village,” by making a monthly pledge of £5. This pledge allows village members to vote on projects that they believe deserve funding.

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