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Jun 21, 2022
Refreshing Zazuu’s brand: the why, what and how behind the changes

Zazuu helps people in Africa and in the diaspora move their money, find the best financial deals, and make smart money decisions. Zazuu offers fairness to people who have been excluded from the financial system, serving them as they live to meet their ambitions. Whether you’re on the continent or living abroad – you may be growing a business, or building a career – our goal is to support you in meeting your ambitions.

Zazuu’s digital products have been created specifically for you to manage your money. They remove the slow, painful tasks of transferring money, freeing you up to consider what to do with your money. That might be funding a venture, contributing to an occasion, or paying a supplier. It’s up to you. You’ll find the apps are simple and easy to use yet thrilling. You’ll see the spirit of Africa across them. Your time and money are precious. Save them, spend them – how you choose.

To reflect the ambitious growth, innovation, and evolving needs of the company, we embarked on a 3-month project to refresh the Zazuu brand. Under the leadership of Zazuu’s Chief Design Officer, Tola Alade, Zazuu’s leadership team, Studio Junction (Brand Strategy Consultant) and Flow (Design Studio), we set the direction and definition of the brand, created a brand strategy rooted in purpose, tone of voice, and messaging, and overhauled the visual identity system to raise Zazuu’s profile.

Studio Junction facilitated leadership workshops and aligned the founders to imagine a different future. We re-defined the purpose and vision. Studio Junction led the founders and executive team through multiple strategy workshops and then synthesised inputs from around the company. After crystallising the brand strategy, creating a clear and compelling value proposition, developing the voice persona and voice pillars, and crafting key messaging, we wrote a manifesto to express the views, motives, and intentions of the brand. Beginning with our core values – what we stand by with every interaction and piece of communication with our audience, internally and externally. This became a tool to infuse the emotional “why” into the brand and introduce the new Zazuu to internal and external stakeholders in a meaningful new way.

Zazuu's mission statement - To give Africans smart ways to move their money - on a mockup billboard

We decided to retain the Zazuu logo as it is the most recognisable element of our visual identity. The new typography system, colour palette, and patterns reflects Zazuu’s human-centred strategy to differentiate against other fintech and tech companies.

Our primary colour palette is rooted in empathy, intelligence, courage, and fun. Teal combines the calming properties of blue with the renewal qualities of green. It is a revitalising and rejuvenating colour that also represents open communication and clarity of thought. Orange is a fresh, youthful, and creative colour. It has the warmth of red and the optimism of yellow, and it communicates activity and energy and encourages socialisation. We drew inspiration from our four personality traits (Fearless, Empathetic, Fun and Smart) to develop the secondary colour palette which offers support and conveys trust while also giving the brand flexibility and dynamism.

Since community is at the core of Zazuu, new photography treatments and illustrations highlight the real lives and locations of the people within that make up our global community. The use of motion creatively expresses ideas and possibilities spilling out and over each other, to represent pushing boundaries and the limitless opening of the world.

Before the brand refresh, Zazuu was poised to launch our end-to-end money transfer capability, but its visual brand was underdeveloped, inconsistent, lacking emotion, and undifferentiated. Our brand had an unsophisticated presence in marketing materials and messaging, and employees weren’t sure how to talk clearly about the why, who, what, and how. Through the brand refresh, Zazuu has established itself with a sharply defined brand with clarity of positioning and a distinctive voice. The process has re-energised and rallied our team, and resulted in a fully integrated playbook and brand toolkit that communicates the Zazuu’s value to the world.

❤️ Our purpose is our why. It is why Zazuu exists as a company, why we offer our services. It is what drives us and what keeps us motivated to deliver what we do.

We exist to empower Africans everywhere by giving them access to the best financial services

🚀 Our mission is the what. It is what we actually do for our customers.

We’re on a mission to give Africans smart ways to move their money.

🌍 Finally, our vision is the where. It is where we want to go as a company. It sets out the future of our business and the impact we want to deliver.

Our vision is to create a world where Africans have financial freedom

Download Zazuu’s Brand Playbook

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