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Directory of African Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates in the UK

Being a foreigner in any country is laden with uncertainties. At any time, things could go sideways, and you may need help. This is why it is important to know your home country’s diplomatic mission and how to contact them.

Embassies, High Commissions, and Consulates are diplomatic missions between countries that protect the rights of citizens in foreign countries. This means that they are representatives of one country in another.

Knowing how to contact your country’s diplomatic mission can come in handy in quite a number of cases. Ideally, your county’s diplomatic mission should be able to help with:

  • Replacing or renewing your passport
  • Issuing an emergency passport in case yours gets stolen or lost
  • Issuing birth reports for kids born abroad
  • Issuing death reports for citizens who die in another country
  • Filing taxes in your home country
  • Assisting citizens who get wrongly arrested or detained in a foreign country
  • Receiving ballots for elections in your home country (if diaspora voting is allowed)
  • Helping with emergency situations like evacuations.

If you are a new visitor to a country, your home country’s diplomatic mission can be a great place to get help on how to get around. 

What’s the difference between an Embassy, High Commission, and Consulate?

Although Embassies, High Commissions, and Consulates are all diplomatic missions, there are certain differences between them. It is important to note these differences as they affect the functions of each entity and the services you may be able to obtain from them.

An embassy is a representation of a country in another country which it has a relationship with. Typically, an embassy is headed by an ambassador, who is the representative of the country’s principal (President, Prime Minister, etc.) in that country. Although the embassy is located in a different country, it is typically treated as an extension of the home country and is independent of the laws of the host county. The embassy and ambassador, are responsible for maintaining diplomatic relationships between both its home country and host country. For instance, the Ghanaian embassy in the UK maintains diplomatic relationships between Ghana and the UK. Embassies also carry out administrative services like visa and passport issuing.

Embassies between countries that belong to the Commonwealth of Great Britain are typically referred to as High Commissions. That means that a high commission is similar in function to an embassy. However, it is important to note that countries within the Commonwealth of Great Britain typically enjoy a better diplomatic relationship than other countries. As such, there may be some subtle differences in diplomatic functions.

A consulate can be thought of as a junior embassy with a focus on administrative services. A country might decide to have a consulate in a country where it has an embassy to separate the administrative and diplomatic services. Consulates may also be set up in major cities in a country if the country is very big to help citizens avoid traveling long distances to get documents like visas and passports. Consulates are typically led by a Consular General. 

Addresses of all African High Commissions, Embassies, and Consulates in the United Kingdom

We scoured the internet to bring you verifiable addresses and contact details of all African High Commissions, Embassies, and Consulates in the United Kingdom.

Note: All addresses and contact details were sourced from the internet. Anyone using these details should independently verify that they are speaking with actual government officials.

Algeria — Embassy of Algeria in London

  • Address: 1 – 3 Riding House Street London W1W 7DR United Kingdom
  • Website: https://embassyofalgeria.uk/ 
  • Email: info@algerianembassy.org.uk
  • Phone Number: +44 207 299 7077

Angola — Embassy of Angola, London 

Benin — Honorary Consulate of Benin in London

  • Address: 3 Humber Rd, London NW2 6DW.
  • Phone number: +44 208 830 8612

Botswana — Botswana High Commission in London

  • Address: 6 Stratford Place, London W1C 1AY
  • Email address: bohico@govbw.com 
  • Phone number: +44-207-6471000, +44-207-4990031

Burkina Faso — Consulate General of Burkina Faso in London

  • Address:  Lilacs Stane Street Ockley Surrey, London, RH5 5LU
  • Phone number: +44 1306 627 225, +44 777 1984 680

Burundi — Embassy of Burundi in London

  • Address: c/o Uganda House Second Floor 58-59 Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DX 
  • Email address: info@burundiembassy.org.uk 
  • Phone number: +44 207 930 4958

Congo — Consulate of Congo Brazaville in the UK

Cote d’Ivoire — Embassy of Cote d’Ivoire in United Kingdom

DR Congo — Embassy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Egypt — The General Consulate of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the United Kingdom

Eritrea — Embassy of the state of Eritrea to the United Kingdom and Ireland

Ethiopia — Embassy of Ethiopia, London 

Gambia — Gambia High Commission, London

Ghana — Ghana High Commission to the United Kingdom

Guinea — Embassy of Guinea, United Kingdom

Kenya — Kenya High Commission, London

Lesotho — High Commission of Lesotho, Great Britain

Liberia — Embassy of Liberia, London

Libya — Libyan Embassy in London

  • Address: 15 Knightsbridge, Belgravia, London, SW1X 7LY
  • Website: http://libyanembassyuk.org/ 
  • Phone number: +44 207 201 8280, +44 207 589 6120
  • Fax: 020-7245-0588, 020-7589-6087

Madagascar — Embassy of Madagascar, London

Malawi — Malawi High Commission, United Kingdom

Mali — Honorary Consulate of Mali in London

Mauritania — Embassy of Mauritania in London

Mauritius — High Commission of the Republic of Mauritius, London

Morocco — Moroccan Consulate to the United Kingdom

Mozambique — High Commission for the Republic of Mozambique

Namibia — High Commission of the Republic of Namibia

Nigeria — Nigerian High Commission to the United Kingdom 

Niger — Niger Consulate in the United Kingdom

Rwanda — High Commission of Rwanda to the United Kingdom

Senegal — Embassy of Senegal, London

Sierra Leone

  • Address: 41 Eagle Street WC1R 4TL London United Kingdom
  • Email address: info@slhc-uk.org.uk 
  • Phone number: +44-207-404-0140

South Africa — South African High Commission

South Sudan — Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan

Sudan — Embassy of the Republic of Sudan, London

Swaziland  — Swaziland High Commission, United Kingdom

Tanzania — Tanzania High Commission in the United Kingdom

Togo — Togo Embassy in London

Tunisia — Embassy of Tunisia in London 

Uganda — Ugandan High Comission in the United Kingdom

Zambia —- Zambia High Commission, London. 



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