Zazuu is a new end-to-end payment experience that helps individuals and companies move money across borders.
We give individuals and
businesses smart ways to move
money and make payments.
World’s First
We built the world’s first front-end aggregator for cross-border payments
FCA Regulated
We are fully FCA regulated in the UK

Africa is the most expensive continent to send or receive money in the world due to hidden fees, uncompetitive rates. To get the best deals for moving money from A to B, people often need to search multiple platforms which is inefficient as rates change very often.

We solve these problems by allowing customers find the best rates across multiple financial providers, view the real costs of a transfer before sending, and tracking a transfer from source to recipient. Zazuu is the world’s first cross-border payment marketplace.

Zazuu seeks to partner with financial service operators, operations partners, and other borderless payment providers.

Meet the founding team
Kay Akinwunmi
Kay Akinwunmi
Korede Fanilola
Korede Fanilola
Tola Alade
Tola Alade
Tosin Ekolie
Tosin Ekolie
We exist to empower Africans everywhere by giving them access to the best financial tools
Our values
They are what we stand by with every interaction and piece of communication with our audience, internally and externally.
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We’re accountable. To be this way requires communication, transparency and openness.

We’re an African company. We’re a group of people with a common background, characteristics or shared interests. We work together for a common purpose while recognising the importance of everyone being an individual.

We get sh*t done! We strive to deliver the best we can be and perform at our highest level.

We place importance on self-leadership, being proactive, and a person’s freedom to work independently as part of a broader group. This means leading by example, guiding not micromanaging, and just getting on with it.

We are fun, imagination and the ability to be amused.

We walk the talk. We are principled, have strong moral values without being judgemental, and act with honesty.

Meet the Snipers
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At Zazuu, we are building financial tools to give individuals and businesses smart ways to move money and make payments.
Backed by the smartest investors
To change how money moves globally

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